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Me and My Mane

I’m really lazy when it comes to my hair and just about manage to straighten it once a week, the rest of the time it gets screwed up like a pineapple on top of my head!  However, last week I visited the YUHEI salon in Hampstead to treat my ferociously frizzy hair to a fantastic anti-frizz Yuko treatment.
Following on from an initial consultation I was promised that the Yuko de-frizzing system would leave my hair beautifully soft, frizz-free & manageable.  I literally could not be more excited after so many years of wasted hours trying to tame my locks!

About Yuko

The salon is located in the heart of leafy Hampstead but the Yuko treatment is available nationwide
Yuko Yamashita is the world-renowned hairstylist and inventor who came up with this treatment to make hair more manageable without causing unnecessary damage.  I was lucky enough to have Yuhei as my stylist for the day – who worked closely with the creator Yuko whilst working in Japan.

Step By Step

  • Yuhei started off washing my hair with the Yuko anti-frizz Shampoo & Conditioner.  Not only did the products feel fantastic on my hair but the reclining chair and back wash was the comfiest ever!  He then combed through a special water spray before applying the first of the anti-frizz creams.
  • My hair was then washed again and protected with a heat guard before being combed and dried then meticulously straightened to seal in the treatment.
  • The second anti-frizz cream was then applied and washed out ready for the final blow dry.  Yuhei recommends having the hair dryer on a medium setting and not to use a brush with the hair dryer, just to comb it through with your fingers.
  • A final touch up with the straighteners and I was totally frizz free with silky soft hair : )
Admittedly it takes a good 3-4 hours depending on the thickness and length of your hair but I can think of far worse places to sit and drink green tea, reading the latest copy of Cosmo and to walk out with luscious looking locks.

Yuko has the Anti-Frizz Factor!

You’re advised not to wash your hair for 24 hours.  So 3 days later I put the treatment to the test and washed my hair at home with the Yuko shampoo and conditioner.  As you’ll see the results are great and last around 3 months!  No straighteners were used in the taking of this picture! I would definitely recommend to all you frizz afflicted sisters out there!



Get the look at home – Yuko Home Shop

They’ve also created a matching home care line for the to compliment the anti-frizz by Yoko treatment, plus lots more in the range to treat everything from colour care to damaged hair.  And most products are  paraben and sulphate free which is a bonus –  click here to see the Shampoo and Treatment Guide

My Beauty Spot members who make a booking before the end of May for a YUKO permanent straightening/Anti-Frizz treatment at the Yuhei salon will receive a complimentary retail size YUKO shampoo OR conditioner once the straightening/Anti-Frizz has been done. Just mention My Beauty Spot when making your booking.


Contact details:

To make an appointment to arrange a consultation please contact Yuhei salon Tel: 02074351300.

At the Yuhei salon, the YUKO anti-frizz treatment starts from £155. The YUKO permanent straightening starts
from £330, depending on length and texture of hair.

If you’re a business/salon that would like to stock the products or learn how to do YUKO then please contact
Tel: 020 743 31471 or email


All customers need to have a consultation beforehand (to check hair suitability) and a booking can only be made after this. Telephone consultation can also be done – simply send a photo of your hair to
Bookings for the treatment must be made before the end of May.  This only applies to bookings at the Yuhei salon.

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