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We all know that seaweed is a great superfood and treats our body from the inside out, but it’s now finding its way into our beauty and skincare products and for good reason. We’re predicting it’s going to be the hottest and healthiest beauty trend of 2018 and here’s why.

Benefits of Seaweed in Beauty:

Our friends at Seaweed & Co. have been raving about the benefits of seaweed for years and support claims that seaweed can aid in cell restoration and repair, delay the signs of ageing, and increase hydration! It’s also said to contain UV-absorbing compounds so can protect the skin and hair from sun damage – no wonder those mermaids look so damn good!

They’re not the only ones investing in seaweed, brands from Crème de la Mer to the Body shop are harnessing the benefits of marine algae in their beauty and skincare to that we can look and feel our best with the help of Mother Nature.

‘Sea’ what we’re talking about for yourselves:

For those of you lucky enough to have been on Spa breaks you may have come across Thalassotherapy. From the Greek ‘Sea treatment’ it uses natures best to relax, heal and improve the mind and body. Try out seaweed wraps or marine mud baths to feel the effects. In 2018 make like an ancient Greek and get yourself to Champneys who have their own Thalassotherapy pools.

Seaweed Skincare Products:

We’ve recently come across ishga Skincare, who harvest seaweed from the clean waters of the Hebridean for their organic Scottish skincare range. With beauty products ranging from their Anti-Oxidant Marine Face Cream to their invigorating body lotion, you can be sure that the seaweed will work its protective magic to revitalise repair and moisterise! They also have a fab men’s range too.

So that you can be part of 2018’s hottest beauty prediction we’ve teamed up with ishga  for a chance to win a choice of any 3 ishga organic seaweed skincare products worth up to £200!

Just follow the this link to enter!

Good luck!


To see more of ishga’s Organic Seaweed Skincare range head to their website:

For more information on the benefits of seaweed check out the following:

Seaweed & Co.



Let us know if you’ve tried seaweed in your health & beauty regime and the benefits you’ve seen. Or if you have any beauty predictions for 2018 that you think we should know about comment below!


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