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Pre-Holiday Planning

I’ve just been on holiday with my besties for our 40th birthdays (we went to Mykonnos – and I highly recommend it).  When trying to make the trip as cheap as possible we wondered if we could take hand luggage only. The answer was a resounding NO due to the fact that we all had mountains of holiday cosmetics that would not be allowed through security.

Why is it that before I go on holiday I can spend as much as the holiday itself plucking and pruning and then buying all new cosmetics to use on the trip – god forbid I take any that are half used already?!

I thought you may be interested to see where my money went even before I got on that plane…and this doesn’t even include the clothes budget!!!

Beauty Treatments


Threading: Upper Lip (yes I am getting hairier as I get older)! £6

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint, Brow Tidy £25

Eyelash Extensions £75

Teeth Whitening (ongoing project) £30


Fake tan £20

Wax £20


Manicure and Pedicure £50

That’s a grand total of £226!


Now for the cosmetics checklist….

After Sun
Aloe Vera Gel
Anti Bac Wipes
Hair bobbles/Clips/Bands
Leave in Conditioner
Make up
Moisturiser (& serum)
Nail File
Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Plasters/Mozzie Spray/After Bite
Sea Salt Spray
Shower Gel
SPF Body, Face, Lips
Tangle Teezer
Tweezers/Nail Scissors
UV Hair Protector



This year I tried Lancaster Sun Tan Cream and their After Sun as they’re meant to be Tan Maximisers. I really liked the moisturising aspect, I didn’t burn and I’m looking fairly brown for me (although not as brown as before I went due to the fake tan) 😉 I did my research and this seemed to be the cheapest site


Am I the only one who spends this insane amount of money before a holiday? Please tell me I’m not!

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