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When done right, a manicured nail or shiny set of acrylics can look fantastic! That’s why we recommend finding a trusted professional to undertake any nail treatment or manicure, to ensure you get the best result.

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Basic manicures are the best way to start treating your nails and ideal for beginners. After soaking the hands in warm water, a technician will trim and clip fingernails before filing them, to achieve a specific shape. Your nails can then be finished with a base coat, main coat and top coat of polish to finalise your look.

For longer lasting results, a gel manicure uses gel or shellac product is applied to the nail and alternatively held under a UV light, to ‘cure’ the gel. These are ideal for those seeking low maintenance and longer lasting results.

Nail extensions & acrylics

Nail extensions, acrylics or overlays can offer those of us who are subject to shorter nails or nails that are prone to breakage. These extensions can offer longer and healthier looking nails to just about anyone, through affixing the additional plate to the existing nail tip and paint to match. Alternatively, overlays are applied to the entirety of the nail, which can improve strength and durability.


Nail treatment removal

It’s important to have any nail treatment, other than standard nail polish, removed by a professional. Removal of nail extensions or gel treatments without using the proper methods, and cause permanent or long term damage to your real nails or leave you with damage to the surrounding skin.

A reputable nail salon will always provide a service that leaves your nails looking perfect and devoid of chips or marks in the finish. There are a wealth of options, nail technicians are becoming super creative with their designs recently. Nail inspiration can be found across social media, from simple designs to spectacular 3D or themed designs to fit seasonal events.

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