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The modern man is as clued up and dedicated to their health and beauty regime as any female. There are now plenty of dedicated services to cater to all your grooming needs, above and beyond the traditional barbers.

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Mens hair styling

Hairstyles for a start, are now creative and quirky, long and short, with men and boys, young and old, all getting wind of the latest hair trends. Hair colouring has given way to creative colouration to add a further burst of creativity to styles.

Facial hair styling

Facial hair has also taken off in a big way, with barbers now offering specialist and retros ways to groom your beard, moustaches, neck and sides. These specialist barbers are often retro themed and utilising traditional ways of grooming using cutthroat razors and foam.

Men’s hair removal

Hair removal services are now increasingly popular with men, including eyebrow shaping, threading and waxing. All over body waxing is becoming commonplace in the male grooming routine. Facials and dedicated skin treatments are used to improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin, including correcting teenage acne scars and addressing particularly oily or problem areas of the skin.

Mens health & wellbeing

An improved focus on men’s overall well-being has also brought about more services that can help to address any areas of concern, including mental health and body image issues. These new support system set out to provide men and boys of all ages a place to obtain useful information that can better their own sense of well-being and improve their quality of life.

Our men’s forum is a great place to discuss and review, not only grooming and beauty providers, but also great resources and services that can help other users maintain a healthy life, both mind and body.

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