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Whether it’s a special occasion, an upcoming holiday or simply part of your beauty routine, finding a service, salon or mobile business that offers the best hair removing services, can be a real pain.

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It can be difficult to pick the right hair removal service for you, especially if you haven’t already tried them or know someone who can offer you some advice. Our impartial community of reviewers are here to tell you about the best, and worst, places and services they’ve experienced.


Waxing, is a popular option when dealing with legs, underarms or the bikini area. With results lasting up to 4 weeks it’s especially common before holidays. Find out the best places to go for your Brazilian or Hollywood by checking out the reviews on My Beauty Spot.

Eyebrow threading

Threading is a method that uses thin cotton threads to trap the unwanted hairs, using a twisting motion as it is applied to each hair follicle. This delicate treatment can last for around six weeks and is used for precise hair removal such as eyebrow shaping and also other hair removal on the face including upper lip and chin.


Electrolysis is now widely available in salons across the UK and can offer some of the best and a permanent reduction in hair growth. The system entails an electric current applied to each hair follicle, using a needle shaped electrode or probe, that destroys the hair at the root. Clients typically require multiple treatments to ensure that every hair follicle is affected.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted or excessive hair growth, that aims to permanently remove hair through a course of treatments. The treatment typically only works on dark hair and effectively targets the pigment in the hair. The heating process within the hair shaft damages or destroys the hair follicle, which ultimately aims to prevent future hair growth. This service is available from nonsurgical cosmetic procedure providers.

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