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Don’t have the time to take that weekly trip to the nail salon? We know the feeling!

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When life gets in the way, you need a quick fix that will give you salon(ish) results in a fraction of the time, and at next to no cost… but with so many products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone which nail products to choose.

Gel or polish?

Are you sick and tired of nail polish that seems to chip constantly? Or looking for the perfect salon style gel manicure from home? We all know a flawless set of shiny nails can change your look, and mood from drab to fab in next to no time, so whether you choose to coordinate your nails with your outfit or makeup, or go for something totally different – you need the confidence that your nail creations will remain firmly on point.

Nail experimenting

Experimenting with your nails is a great way to show your artistic flair. Maybe you’ve seen a new nail art design on Instagram that you can’t wait to try out, but have no idea which products and nail accessories are the best to choose? You need reliable reviews from people just like you, away from sponsored posts and ads for products that don’t work, or simply won’t arrive in the first place.

Things have come a long way in the nail industry, especially with the rise in popularity of gel polishes, such as Shellac, which give you a longer lasting finish. Thanks to these beauties, no longer does a 2 week chip free manicure always require a trip to the salon, and you can wave bye bye to smudges.

Based on honest, independent reviews, you’ll always find the best nail polish, gel, nail art and nail accessories, here at My Beauty Spot – whatever your style!

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