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From beard oils to hair wax, skincare to designer colognes, Men now have almost as many options as women when it comes to beauty and grooming options. The modern man now spends as much if not more time, grooming each morning, than women.

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Mens facial hair care

Recent trends have brought back the popularity of facial hair, with men all over the world now rocking full beards, trendy stubble and styled moustaches. Much like hair, facial hair often requires upkeep and styling to maintain a particular shape and ensure that the skin underneath is well cared for too.

Mens hair care

Not only are men taking their beard game up a notch, but popular hairstyles now require more attention. From blowing out hair in the morning to get it to lie perfectly, to styling this up with wax and pastes to finally getting it all with a cloud of hair spray. Men now invest about as much time as the ladies when it comes to getting the perfect hair. And let’s not forget the trouble they go through to get rid of unwanted hair, too. Find here what products leave that chest stubble free!

Mens skin care

There are now so many companies pumping out skincare products that cater specifically for men. Everyone’s skin is different, with men’s skin different in thickness, around 25% thicker and typically tougher than women’s skin. Men’s care products often aim to target deeper pores and reverse the signs of sun damage, utilising alternative ingredients to women’s products.

At My Beauty Spot, we encourage both men and women to submit their reviews and experiences. Tell us about your best or worst products or take a look through the existing reviews to find something new to try!

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