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The UK beauty industry alone is worth over £17 billion – now that’s a lot of blusher, mascara, foundation, eyeliner and highlighter! Find every item you could ever need in your makeup bag, right here…

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Makeup is one of the most creative ways to express your style, even if you have no idea where to start with achieving your desired look, these days, there’s a tutorial for everything *types insta brows into YouTube*.

From blusher and bronzer to primer and foundation – makeup is most definitely a girls (and boys) best friend, but knowing which products work best with your skin tone, skin type and style can be tricky… especially when some ‘makeup bag essentials’ could set you off over £50!

We’re an inquisitive bunch, always on the lookout for the next hot trend in makeup, the newest eyeshadow pallet or best matte lipstick on the market that won’t dry out your lips, yet will last all day (and night) long, and My Beauty Spot is the perfect space to pass on your honest makeup reviews to others.

With that many variations of the same thing out there, it’s hard to know what to choose. Maybe you’re after a new blusher, but not sure whether to go for a cream blush, a liquid blush tint or a good old fashioned powder – here you can ask the questions and get the answers, all in one place.

From mascara and eyeliner to bronzer, blusher, highlighter and everything in between, at My Beauty Spot – we understand the frustration you feel when trying to find an honest review from a real life person, away from fake celebrity endorsements and brand sponsorships. Here you’ll find good old fashioned review from users just like you.

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