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So now you’ve got all of your fabulous beauty products but how do you store them or apply them effectively? There’s an abundance of electrical items too to make our lives easier – take a look below for some top recommendations!

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Brushes and tools

Beauty accessories such as sponges, brushes and combs, are great for helping you apply your makeup more effectively and achieve a more flawless finish.

It’s difficult to know which tools will help you achieve which look, or which is most suitable to certain brands or types of foundations, so our reviewers are here to help. There are such an abundance of variations of brushes, that you might struggle to know your angular brow brush from your stippling brush or your fan brush – it’s often difficult to understand what each brush should be used for!

With so many straighteners and hairdryers to choose from, and such a variance in prices it’s hard to know where to start. Big brands and supermarket rivals are all in the mix and we’re here to help you find the best for your beauty needs!

Beauty storage

Once you’ve conquered your beauty products and tools, you will likely need some storage to keep all your lovely products safe and clean. There are so many options when it comes to storing your favourite beauty products, including specially designed tray inlays to put into drawers to makeup brush pots and multi-tiered stands for various pots and bottles.

It’s important to have the right rooks for the job, so if you’re unsure whether to go for a sponge or a brush to apply your new foundations, why not check out our reviews, to see what worked best for our users.

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