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This week we were invited to celebrate our friends’ 40th at Soho Farmhouse, Oxforshire. I was sooooo excited as have been desperate to check it out long before Megan (Markle) decided to hold her hen night there and make it even more in vogue.

Room with a view

There were 3 couples in our party and we stayed in the 3 bed cabin (I think the only accommodation larger than this is the 7 bedroom farmhouse), that overlooked the lake. In this cabin there was no fight to see who secured their bedroom first as each one was as impressive as the next. There was an enormous, sumptuous bed with so many cozy cushions, a massive hot tub in the room with about 10 Cowshed shampoo and bath products to choose from. This led to the ensuite dressing room, massive shower with another array of Cowshed products (I could have started my own Cowshed online shop) and of course the royal throne 😉

The miniature freebies didn’t disappoint either – ranging from Cowshed lipbalm, cleanser, toner, moisturiser through to the essential(?) condoms and earplugs!!!


Cowshed Spa

The girls had incredible treatments in the gorgeous Cowshed Spa that smelt divine! The staff were so friendly & professional (no giving away any celeb secrets) and it was probably one of the best massages & facials I’ve ever had. The hubbies were also lucky to have hour long massages that destressed and sent them to sleep!

Part of the Cowshed is what they call the ‘island’. Unfortunately the boating lake was closed due to refurbishment but we were still able to all pile in the hot tub. It was literally a hot tub of water – not a Jacuzzi but we still relaxed and laughed until our skin resembled prunes. I briefly checked out the gym and as you would expect the equipment is plentiful and kitted out with all the high tech gadgets.


We dipped into the pool and then followed up with a sauna and steam room – all lovely but not showy at all as we had come to expect from this laid back cool place. Don’t expect glasses of water from plastic cups as all plastic is being weaned out the farms so we became accustomed to drinking out the water fountains.


The Food

As you would expect the food is INCREDIBLE! The freshest, yellowist eggs and milk were delivered to us daily. The deli was divine and I would highly recommend dinner at their incredible fusion restaurant where the service and of course the food were simply the best. To start off one of our evenings we had a milk cart come to our cabin with a bartender inside mixing us some amazing cocktails – a great gimmick!

It’s a fab place to destress, hang out, laugh and do some discreet people watching. You don’t need to dress up to fit in and there’s no pretentiousness going on. Can’t wait for the 41st 😉


The Cowshed, Soho Farmhouse, Oxforshire



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