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A few years ago I was searching the web for an answer to a beauty dilemma I had at the time. Bias answers came from experts, bloggers and advertisers, and the opinions of everyday ‘normal’ women like myself, were hard to come by.

It got me thinking, and having started off with a Facebook group called My Beauty Spot, it led to the creation of this site. A place where REAL women, and men, can ask or give advice on anything beauty related – and of course anything that isn’t if you think that we could help!

Salons, spas and products will be reviewed, recommended and talked about. It’s where Mumsnet meets Tripadvisor – in the beauty salon.

Please take a look and add your favourite salon, review your latest spa destination, rave about that mascara you can’t live without, and chat with like-minded folks in the Community forum.

Hope you enjoy it!

Lisa Lee

Founder, My Beauty Spot


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